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RippleArt LLC is a design and construction company based in northern and southern Japan, Hokkaido, and Miyakojima.

Our specialty varies from the exterior and interior construction and renovation to the creation of ice structures in different sizes and shapes with a deep connection to nature and our surroundings.


We combine art, quality, and efficiency to offer our clients a unique and tasteful restoration and remodeling experience all within budget and in a timely manner.



In northern Japan, in harmony with nature, RippleArt has been successfully creating ice fantasies for the public. Our ice structures vary in size, shape, and functionality from commissioned ice doms and ice installations to ice bar and lounge and our festive ice village.


Architectural plans

Preconstruction Design





The Finishing

A wood and white kitchen


You can count on us for excellence, expertise, responsiveness, and confidentiality in all our services. Our team works with you until you are completely satisfied with every aspect of our service

電話: 080-4420-4261

住所: 〒906-0008


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